Featured Student Entrepreneur: Ariel Pershman

The Lubar Entrepreneurship Center entrepreneur of the month is Ariel Pershman, Founder of Mira Eyewear. Ariel is a junior at UWM pursuing a degree in Digital Studio Practice, with classes in Occupational Therapy. Get to know more about Ariel and her work in her interview with MJ Pratt-Tooley (Horinek), Innovation Intern at the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center.

MJ: What is Mira Eyewear?
Ariel: Mira Eyewear is a startup company that designs eyewear for those who suffer with pain from light-sensitivity/photophobia.

MJ: Where do you see your startup in the next 5 years?
Ariel: I see Mira doing direct-to-consumer online sales, multiple eyewear designs in various colors and styles, a phone/web app with the ability to try on glasses through AR, and a fashion house/artist collaboration (ex. Rihanna x Dior).

MJ: What has inspired you along your entrepreneurial journey?
Ariel: The enthusiasm from Staff and Students at the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center and the UWM Prototyping Center has been phenomenal. All the advice and opportunities I’ve gained from my connections has encouraged me to continue to work on my business and move forward.

Ariel is currently developing a partnership with Includesign (disability-related consulting startup from Rhode Island). She is also a leader of D.R.E.A.M. at UWM (a student disability advocacy organization) and is working with the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) and various UWM social media accounts to spread awareness and educate the UWM community about Disability Pride Month (July). Ariel is a University Innovation Fellow Candidate and will begin training with her cohort in August.

Ariel Pershman is actively involved and passionate in her work. To help support Ariel’s growing work check out her LinkdIn and her website!