End of Year Well-being Practice

Gratitude is the ability to recognize and acknowledge the good in our lives. Cultivating a gratitude practice on an entrepreneurial path can support innovators by shifting from a mindset of what we think we want, need, or must accomplish to be successful, to one that can reflect with appreciation every small accomplishment or failure that led us to the here and now.

Studies in neuroscience show that gratitude has a positive impact on physical, psychological and emotional well-being; including an increase in self-worth, a greater sense of belonging and value within a company or organization, higher productivity in employees, and even improved immune function. And because expressing gratitude is done on purpose and with intention, when we recognize that someone has made a choice to be kind to us, we gain a deeper appreciation for the person who acted in a caring way.


Think of a time when someone did something kind for you somewhere along your path of entrepreneurship. Maybe they gave you something, helped you in some way or showed they cared for you. If it’s helpful, close the eyes and try to imagine this person in your mind. When they become clear in your mind, open the eyes (if they are closed) and take three deep breaths and reflect:

What act of kindness did you receive?

How did it make you feel?


Before the end of the year, expand the ripple effect of gratitude and send a note — handwritten, text or email — to this person.