Zoller, Yaron

Lecturer, Organizations & Strategic Management
Director, Business Scholars Program

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Zoller teaches management courses in the Lubar School of Business, specifically BUS ADM 330/331 - Organizations, BUS ADM 200 - Business & Society, and BUS ADM 493 - Business Analytics and Innovation. He also has experience teaching management, leadership, strategic management, critical thinking, organizational change, international business, business communications, and human resource courses. Dr. Zoller specializes in the study of organizational behavior, cross-cultural effects on management practices, history of management, and the development of effective leaders and followers. Before joining academia, he spent a decade working for a multinational technology firm in the areas of software and quality assurance. He also served in the Israeli Defense Force from 1993-1998, rising to the rank of Lieutenant.

Professional Activities

Dr. Zoller is the Director of the Lubar School’s Business Scholars Program. His work has appeared in numerous journals including the Journal of Management History, American Journal of Psychology, and Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition. Dr. Zoller is an active member, presenter, and reviewer at the Academy of Management and Academy of International Business and has presented at Academy of Management annual meetings as well as at the MBAA International conference and the International Neuropsychological Society.


BUS ADM 200 - Business & Society
BUS ADM 330 - Organizations
BUS ADM 331 - Business Scholars: Organizations
BUS ADM 493 - Business Scholars: Data Analytics & Innovation

I can offer...

I can offer guest talks about OB topics such as group vs. teams, how can stress be good to you, management vs. leadership, salary negotiations, etc. I discussed diversity and inclusion in 2020 at a TEDx event at Lakeland University (WI).

A fun fact about Dr. Zoller

I am a basketball fan and enjoy watching the Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, and Golden State Warriors play. I like to use examples from sports in my classes.