Watt, Trudy

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture & Urban Planning

Trudy’s roots in architecture, landscape and urban design configure her current research and design work cultivating equitable access to well-being through collaborative advancements in design, healthcare, and civics. Her work both in academia and in practice highlight narrative and experience as critical and often underestimated elements of process in an increasingly data-driven world, with a particular focus on populations and places whose stories have been marginalized. Her research team, Phase III, is currently exploring the impact of non-hierarchical and transformational pedagogy while developing design process advancements to center the experiences of older adults in the lived environment.

I can offer...

Coaching around integrating design methods into interdisciplinary work, help developing techniques for interactive experiences online, growth-oriented teaching tools and my curious, collaborative attention to your ideas.


ARCH 650/850 - Elective Design Studio: Vulnerability

ARCH 320 - Design Fundamentals: Real Inventions

ARCH 390/790 - Forthcoming Elective: Navigating Complexity