Nelson, Kate

Chief Sustainability Officer, Office of Sustainability

Kate Nelson is the Chief Sustainability Officer for UWM's Office of Sustainability. Kate operates as an agent of change within UWM and strategically aligns campus sustainability with the University's mission, vision, and values. She leads UWM's Climate Action & Carbon Resiliency Plan, which assesses the health and financial risk to the UWM community, infrastructure, and environment. Kate runs sustainability workshops, events, and training for university staff, students, and community, including the Green Office Certification.

I can offer...

I can offer insight and guidance on sustainability challenges.  My team and I have an acumen for why systems continue unsustainability and what it takes to make a change for a better future.  I can offer my assistance to students who want to cut through red tape on campus in order to change practices, products, and policies as they relate to sustainability.