Kehl, Jenny

Associate Professor, School of Freshwater Sciences
(414) 382-1700
Great Lakes Research Facility Room 2003B

Jenny Kehl is the Lynde B. Uihlein Endowed Chair at the WATER Institute and Director of the Center for Water Policy at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She specializes in the political economy of water scarcity, with a focus on conflict resolution in transboundary water systems. She examines government negotiations with foreign investors in water and natural resource extraction, as well as water-use efficiency, water and food security, climate change in the Great Lakes, and water equity issues in urban areas. Her recent publications include “Troubled Waters: the Effects of Scarcity on Interests, Identities, Conflict, and Cooperation” (2012) and “Rethinking the Resource Curse: A Review Essay on the Politics of Oil Investments” (2011).