Advice and Encouragement for Spring Semester

The Lubar Entrepreneurship Center would like to welcome everyone back for another semester! We are still virtual and want to continue building our community. We reached out to past UWM Startup Challenge alumni and asked them for advice and encouragement to share with current students. Read on to see what they have to say, and maybe save a few for a rainy (or snowy) day when you are feeling overwhelmed or undermotivated.

When you’re are afraid or stuck on a problem:

“Be willing to pivot in any direction the business takes you. As long as you remain true to your why, growth will present in the form of problem and a natural pivot may just be you solution. Don’t be afraid, trust your gut and GO FOR IT!” – Cheyenne Brown, CEO Afya Teas LLC, PVE Sports Board Chair, UWM Alumni ‘20.

When you are wondering what it takes to be successful:

“The most successful people I know are not the smartest or the luckiest, they are simply the most persistent. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and don’t forget to have fun on the journey.” – Jesse DePinto, Chief Product Officer at Frontdesk, UWM CEAS Grad, 2013″

When you feel stuck or unsure about your ideas and passions:

“Keep your eyes open for opportunity and always be ready to pivot (proceed and pivot). Sometimes you may have a handful of great business ideas, but timing is everything. Seize the moment – share your ideas with mentors, family, and friends. Go as far as posting it to social media and see what reaction you get. You might be surprised by the overwhelming level of support Milwaukee has for young entrepreneurs. Good luck in all of your endeavors!” – Kali Knutson, Nanny, Part Owner of DoCo Disco, and aspiring serial entrepreneur, UWM Alumni 19

When you feel overwhelmed:

“School should be a priority, but not always your first priority. Make time for friends, family, and most importantly yourself.” – Justin Davis, Major Projects Natural Gas Engineer at WE Energies, UWM Alumni ‘19

When your dreams feel a bit daunting:

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. “ – Crissi Bates, Senior BS in Biomedical Science

Thank you Alumni for your encouraging words!

The Lubar Entrepreneurship Center wishes all students a safe and productive semester. Stay tuned for more helpful advice and inspiring events.