Frontdesk: Top Tips for Working from Home

Frontdesk, a property rental company developed by UWM Alum Jesse DePinto and his Co-Founder Kyle Weatherly, is composed of a team that works (mostly) remotely. As such, they have decided to put together an article addressing how to navigate working from home. Jesse DePinto also had a few suggestions to add, “Get comfortable finding the mute button, the emojis you use matter, and make sure to set ground rules for communication methods and times. Try to call every teammate one-on-one at least once when they’re hired, and Slack is your best friend”. Below are a few highlights and key ideas from Frontdesk’s article.

“Be flexible.” – Jenn, Revenue Manager

If you have a set work schedule at your physical office that you are transitioning to your remote place of work, you will need to be flexible and be prepared to experience new distractions/disturbances (your child/partner, etc.).

“Stay active.” – Ashley, Marketing Specialist

Take a break from your computer, stretch, or take a walk to keep your brain and your body awake and energized.

“Take a break.” – David, Market Development Manager

David Tock says, The day can seem very disjointed and slow, so I generally try to do 45 minutes of constant email and phone calls, then use 15 minutes of every hour to completely get away.”

“Communicate.” – Rachael, Guest Experience Team Training Manager

Avoid confusion by keeping open communication with your team using the tools you have available to you, such as Slack, Google Hangouts, emails, etc.

“Prioritize.” – Jaymie, Human Resources Manager

Avoiding distractions by communicating your schedule/priorities with others you might be sharing your living space with.

Check out Frontdesk and everything they do here. Read the full article here.