Digital Measures Publications

Digital Measures Publications

Outputs publications data from Digital Measures. Should only be used on faculty profile pages. Must have the Digital Measures Shortcode plugin activated.


[digitalmeasures username="epanther" published_only="true" profile_only="false" limit="5" instance="default" format="apa"]

username in digitalmeasures for the faculty member
optional, default is publication
optional, the default is no, and will limit publications listed to those with a status of published
optional, the default is yes, and will limit publications listed to those where “show on faculty profile page” is “yes”
optional, the default is “0” which lists all matching publications, otherwise this is the maxium number of publications to list
optional, this will choose which instance of Digital Meausres to pull from. These are setup in the file
optional, and this deciedes which citation standard to use. Options are mla for MLA style or apa for APA style, default is MLA
optional, if present this will limit the authors in the following way:

  • If the number of authors on the publication is less than this value, all authors are shown.
  • If the number of authors on the publication is one more than all authors, all authors are shown.
  • If the number of authors on the publication is two or more larger than authors, this number of authors will be shown followed by “and others” in MLA or “et. al” in apa.


[digitalmeasures username="barnold" published_only="false" limit="5" profile_only="false" format="mla"]


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