Web Sites & Applications

Custom Solutions

Our mission is to make your job easier, one project at a time.


Your neighbor’s teenager doesn’t build websites like this.

Our team works hand-in-hand with L&S units to deliver comprehensive website solutions, helping you identify and improve what isn’t working without breaking the things that do.

From redesigns to new development, we provide graphic design, information architecture, and user testing services to iterate and improve your web content by focusing on user goals and activities.

You may direct any website update requests to ls-web@uwm.edu.

Web Applications

We don’t like paper-based processes any more than you do.

Working with administrators and employees in the trenches, we investigate problematic processes, developing web applications to help you work smarter, not harder.

Our dedicated team of analysts and developers work to understand your activities and devise and develop efficient solutions built on custom workflow- and role-centered web forms and frameworks.

Data Reports

In a data-driven world, sometimes you just need information.

Drawing on a wealth of campus data sources, we work to hone your questions and provide data reports with the answers you need.

Whether you’re looking for enrollment data to support a new faculty hire, a report on effectiveness of a new grant-funded teaching approach, or just a list of students who may be interested in joining your major/minor, we want to know.