Project Announcement: Laptop Encryption

L&S IT is contacting faculty and staff whose University-owned laptops are not using full disk encryption. Please help us meet our information security compliance goals by making time for a brief appointment with us!

Full disk encryption helps safeguard the University’s data, particularly when laptops are lost or stolen. While most recently-purchased laptops are already encrypted, L&S IT is contacting the owners of older laptops in an effort to reach a 100% encryption compliance goal.

Why am I being contacted now?

L&S IT is contacting the owners of un-encrypted laptops in small groups as part of a rolling project timeline. You may receive an email about encryption when a colleague with a similar device has not. Eventually, we will contact the owner of every device that is still in service that we have identified as un-encrypted.

How can I know the email I received is legitimate?

Contact from the L&S IT office will always be accompanied with “service request” or “incident” number from our service management system, Cherwell, and will never ask for your password.

For encryption requests, we will always send a live technician to your office to enable the feature.

Where can I find more information about device encryption in L&S?

Please see our Computer Encryption Policy for technical details.

I have a device I want to get encrypted now.

Please contact us via the help form–we’ll be happy to encrypt your laptop right away!