Telecommuting Policy

A number of our policies and guidelines apply to L&S employees conducting work off-campus; this page aggregates and presents these statements. Adherence to these policies does not constitute a valid “telecommuting” agreement, and this document does not supersede existing University and UW System “telecommuting” policies:

Home Software Licenses

As explained on our Purchasing Software page, there are three software license types available for home computers:

UWM Employee Home Use

Available from the UWM SoftwareShop for current UWM employees with an existing UWM-Owned license and allow installation onto one additional personal computer; these two software copies may not be used simultaneously.

Personal Use

Available for purchase with personal funds and may not be installed onto UWM-owned computers. Information on academic discounts can be found on the UWM Software Asset Management website.


Available for certain Microsoft products. Unlike standard Personal Use licenses, WAH software must be purchased with departmental funds and must be removed from an employee’s personal computer at the end of their UWM service.

Remote Desktop Authorization

L&S employees may request access to their campus computers from “remote” computers (typically located at their residence) by completing and returning a Remote Desktop Authorization form signed by themselves and their supervisor.

This privilege is subject to strict adherence to the guidelines and procedures outlined in our Remote Desktop Policy and on the L&S Remote Desktop Form (requires ePanther authentication).

Laptop Considerations

Insurance Coverage of UWM-Owned Laptops

Employees removing UWM-owned laptops from campus (even for short-term use) are strongly encouraged to complete Removal of Property & Extended Coverage Request form (PDF) available on the UWM Office of Risk Management website. Without a signed copy of this form on file, the University’s “All Risk” insurance coverage will not be applied in the event of loss or damage.

180-Day Activation Timeout

To maintain license compliance, every campus-licensed copy of Microsoft Windows and Office must contact the Campus Key Management Server at least once every 180 days by physically connecting to the campus network or by connecting to the UWM wireless network. If a computer running Windows fails to contact the Campus Key Management Server within 180 days, the operating system will revert to a reduced feature mode.

If you know you’ll be traveling for an extended period, you can “renew” this 180-day activation timer at any time by clicking the Re-Activate Windows and Office shortcut in the L&S IT Office Start Menu Group. If you’ll be traveling for longer than six months, please contact the L&S IT Office to make alternate arrangements.