Online Content Platforms

Increasingly instructional content is moving to the internet. Many course textbooks include online content as a companion to the book itself. New online services marketed to instructors deliver instructional content, quizzes, and other teaching material to students online.

Information security concerns accompany use of all online platforms. In particular, when these services store student information online, consideration must be made for the FERPA regulations. Education records that are protected by FERPA are often stored with online content providers. Prior to implementing an online content platform for your classes, you should ensure that the University has an agreement with the provider company to ensure that the University’s liability is authorized.

What is an Education record?

“Education records are records that are directly related to a student and that are maintained by an educational agency or institution or a party acting for or on behalf of the agency or institution.  These records include but are not limited to grades, transcripts, class lists, student course schedules, health records (at the K-12 level), student financial information (at the postsecondary level), and student discipline files.  The information may be recorded in any way, including, but not limited to, handwriting, print, computer media, videotape, audiotape, film, microfilm, microfiche, and e-mail.” Source: 34 CFR § 99.2 “Education Records” and “Record”

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