PantherFile Retirement – Do you need help?

PantherFile will be retired at the end of 2016. Do you have data that you will need help moving to another service?

Please let us know by filling out our survey below:

PantherFile Retirement Survey

Unsure what’s in your PantherFile account? Sign in and have a look using these instructions:

Your survey response will serve as a record that you have requested help (or don’t require help). It is not necessary to submit a separate request to L&S IT.

L&S IT will contact customers to assist them, in small groups, according to project timelines and priorities. Please be patient while we work on the project plan. Over 1,000 people supported by L&S IT have data in PantherFile today! It will take us some time to help everyone.

Note: This is an independent effort by L&S IT for its supported customers. This communication may not be consistent with information coming from the official “PantherFile Retirement Project Team.”