LSITO’s Arthur Schultz Honored by Chancellor Mone

Earlier this year, L&S IT’s Arthur Schultz was recognized as a Best Place to Work (BP2W) Champion by UWM Chancellor Mark Mone in a small ceremony in Merrill Hall.

BP2W Champions are nominated by fellow UWM employees and recognized on a monthly basis for their outstanding positive impact on our campus climate. Arthur was chosen in part for “collegiality, respect for fellow employees, [and going] above and beyond in terms of providing computing expertise when and as soon as needed.”

His nomination was submitted by former Department of Communication faculty member Sandra Braman, who praised Arthur’s “friendly and supportive” attitude and his reputation as a “thoughtful, very creative problem solver.”

For more information, read the Schultz Earns BP2W Champion Award story on the UWM Best Place to Work site.