Announcing MacOS “NoMAD” Password Utility

Best practices for changing passwords for MacOS users

L&S IT have identified a number of potential issues impacting MacOS users when they reset their ePanther passwords. If you are a MacOS user, following these guidelines will result in the best experience when changing your password.

  • If possible, always change your password while on-campus and connected to the UWM network (wired or wireless)
  • If you must change your password from off-campus, you should first connect to the UWM Pulse Secure VPN
  • If you have multiple MacOS computers, it is recommended that you are signed into only one Mac while you are changing your password.

If these guidelines are not followed, you may experience keychain or password synchronization issues across devices.

Introducing NoMAD

In preparation for the new UWM password expiration policy, L&S IT will install an application called NoMAD on L&S-owned MacOS computers. NoMAD is a menu bar application that will help improve the user experience for password management. The application will keep your Mac’s password in sync with UWM systems and manage your saved UWM WiFi credentials.

Using NoMAD

NoMAD will install automatically and will prompt you to sign in with your ePanther account. After signing in, the application will display the time remaining before your current password expires. When the password expiration date is 15 days away or less, NoMAD will alert the user several times a day to change their password. There is also a link in the menu bar from NoMAD that will direct you to the “Change Password” page.

Most people will see a “Never Expires” message in the NoMAD Menu item initially. This will change as the 180 day password change policy mandated by UW System Policy 1030 is implemented across campus.

Got questions?

Further documentation about the password changes and NoMAD, including screenshots of the application, can be found here:

If you have questions about NoMAD or encounter problems with the application, please contact us using the L&S IT online help forms or by calling the UWM Help Desk at (414)229-4040.