UWM linguists presenting at LSA 2021

Congratulations to current and former UWM linguistics students who will be presenting at the 2021 Linguistic Society of America conference.

Doctoral student Okgi Kim will present “On the syntax of ‘why’-like ‘how’ in Korean” And, with co-author Seulkee Park (Kyung Hee University), Okgi will also present “The double life of Korean mwes-ulo ‘what-with’: a reason wh-adverb and an instrumental wh-nominal”.

Doctoral student Jieun Lee and faculty member Hanyong Park will present “Is strong inhibitory control always better in learning non-native phonological contrast?”.

Former UWM linguistics undergraduate student Aleese Block, now a doctoral student in linguistics at University of California, Davis, will present “Cue weighting and phoneme-specific patterns in systems of quantity contrast: the case of Norwegian vowels”. And, along with co-authors Kristin Predeck (UC Davis) and Carlson Arnett (UC Davis), Aleese will also present “Problematic phonemes” and German /ɛ:/: An acoustic analysis”.

Congratulations, all!