UWM at 34th Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics

UWM Linguistics will be well represented at the upcoming 34th Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics at the University of Arizona this weekend, with the following talks:

  • Saja Albuarabi & Hanyong Park: Production and Perception of Consonant Clusters in Nonwords by Iraqi and Najdi Speakers
  • Mohammed Abuhaib: Notes on Najdi Arabic Scope Taking
  • Hamid Ouali: The Correlation Between Verb Movement and Tense in Arabic

and the following posters:

  • Saja Albuarabi: The Syntactic Properties of Negative Concord in Iraqi Arabic
  • Amal El Haimeur (University of Kansas, UWM PhD 2019): The Acquisition of Verbal-Derivational Patterns by Moroccan HS in France