Roberta Corrigan

Professor Emerita


PhD, University of Denver 1976
MA, University of Denver 1973
BA, Oberlin College 1971

Research Interests

General: First language acquisition; Relationships between language and cognition/social cognition; Psychology of language; Usage-based theories of language

Specific: Role of language input and cognition on first language acquisition; Relations between oral language on literacy; Acquisition of word meanings; Learning vocabulary

Teaching Areas

Applications of basic research in Psychology to Linguistics and Education

Courses Offered

First Language Acquisition (Linguistics, Fall, 2010)
Oral Language, Cognition, and Literacy (Linguistics and Education, Spring, 2011)
Introduction to Learning and Development (in Education)
Infancy and Early Childhood Development (in Education)
Social Cognition (in Education)

Selected Publications

Lima, Susan D., Corrigan, Roberta L., and Iverson, Gregory K., eds. The reality of linguistic rules. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 1994.