Directory of User Services Librarians and Student Workers

Division Head

Kate L. Ganski
Assistant Director of Libraries for User Services

Teaching & Learning Team

Kristin Miller Woodward (Leader)
Teaching & Learning Team Lead
Heidi Anoszko
Instructional Design Librarian
Nicole Bungert
Student Success Librarian

Research Services Team

Linda Kopecky (Leader)
Research Services Librarian
Katherine Bowes
Senior Academic Librarian
Kris Midthun
Business Librarian
Carrie Wade
Health Sciences Librarian

User Experiences Team

Molly Mathias (Leader)
User Experiences Team Lead
Tiffany Thornton
Outreach & Community Engagement Librarian

Data Services Team

Svetlana Korolev
Science Librarian

Graduate Students

  • Tiffany Chen, Diversity Intern
  • Jac Dickmann, User Services Intern
  • Jessica Rardin, User Services Intern
  • Stephanie Surach, User Services Intern
  • Emily Wawer, User Services Intern
  • Lukas Wenner, User Services Inter

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