Directory of User Services Librarians and Student Workers

Division Head

Kate L. Ganski
Assistant Director of Libraries for User Services

Teaching & Learning Team

Kristin Miller Woodward (Leader)
Teaching & Learning Team Lead
Heidi Anoszko
Instructional Design Librarian
Nicole Bungert
Student Success Librarian
Anna Grau Schmidt
Music and Performing Arts Librarian

Research Services Team

Katherine Bowes
Art, Architecture & Language Librarian
Svetlana Korolev
Science Librarian
Kris Midthun
Business Librarian
Carrie Wade
Health Sciences Librarian

User Experiences Team

Molly Mathias (Leader)
User Experiences Team Lead
Tiffany Thornton
Outreach & Community Engagement Librarian

Graduate Students

  • Jon Brunsman, User Services Intern
  • Tiffany Chen, Diversity Intern
  • Jessica Rardin, User Services Intern
  • Ed Wallace, User Services Intern
  • Emily Wawer, User Services Intern

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