Information Literacy on Our Campus: An Essential Learning Outcome

The User Services Division provides leadership on campus for integrating information literacy skills in the classroom, course, and program levels.

UW System’s Shared Learning Goals

The UW System is a participant in the Association of American Colleges and Universities Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) project.  From this project, UWM has adopted a set of Essential Learning Outcomes.  These learning outcomes are used as an assessment framework for departments and programs across campus. Information literacy is included among the “effective communication skills” that students should develop.

Five Shared Learning Goals

1. Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Natural World
Breadth of knowledge through the study of the arts, humanities, languages, sciences, and social sciences, and the ability to think beyond one’s major.

2. Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
Inquiry, problem solving, and higher-order qualitative and quantitative reasoning.

3. Effective Communication Skills
Listening, speaking, reading, writing, and information literacy.

4. Intercultural Knowledge and Competence
Ability to interact and work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, an understanding of difference, and leadership capacity.

5. Individual, Social, and Environmental Responsibility
Civic knowledge and engagement (both local and global), ethical reasoning, and action.

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