Open Access Publication Fund

The pilot program for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers will be open from July 1 to December 31, 2022. Faculty members should consider applying for a Research Assistance Fund grant through the Office of Research.

This form should be used by UWM authors to request funding for open access publication fees from eligible journals. The fund supports the articles when the research reported in this publication has not been funded by a granting agency with a public access mandate. (See full policy)

  • Please supply the following information:

  • Grant/Gift Information

  • Contact Information

  • Article Information

  • (maximum funding is $1,000/article)

If the request is approved, the author will need to forward the invoice for the publication charges to the UWM Libraries.

Authors who receive funding will be required to deposit a digital copy of their article (according to the terms of their author agreement) in the UWM Digital Commons.

UWM Deposit License