The UWM Open Access Publication Fund

The Open Access Publication fund has reached the maximum for this fiscal year. New funding requests will be accepted after July 1, 2022. Applicants should consider applying for a Research Assistance Fund grant through the Office of Research.

The UWM Libraries are committed to supporting the ability of our researchers to participate fully in the scholarly publication process. There are currently over 15,000 reputable open access journals and some of these require that the authors pay a fee for their article publication. This business model helps to support the open dissemination of an author’s research to an international audience of all interested readers.

The UWM Open Access Publication (UOAP) Fund has been established to underwrite article processing fees for articles to be accessible openly worldwide. The fund supports the articles when the research reported in this publication has not been funded by a granting agency with a public access mandate. (See Implementation of public access programs in U.S. federal agencies). The fund is supported through Indirect Funds made available to the UWM Libraries.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Authors: The UOAP Fund is available to all UWM authors including students.

Eligible Articles: UOAP funds apply to article processing fees for scholarly peer-reviewed articles.

Eligible Publication Venues: The UOAP Fund will cover the cost of author submission fees in fully open access journals as defined by inclusion in the Directory of Open Access Journals (

Funding support will cover:

  • 50%, up to $1,000 per article, for publishing in a fully open access journal.
  • In the case of an article with multiple authors, the article is treated as a whole regardless of how many authors are from UWM.

Article Funding Cap: The most that the UOAP Fund will support for a single article is $1,000.

Author Funding Cap: Authors may receive funding for up to $1,000 per year for all submissions and publication charges.

Funding Process

  • Funding for article processing fees that conform to the guidelines above may be requested using Form to request UWM Open Access Publication Fund.
  • The library will review applications with a goal to diversify awards to achieve a balance among schools and colleges. The library will communicate the decision within one month directly to the author.
  • Requests for funding must be made for an article immediately upon its acceptance for publication.
  • Authors who receive funding, will be required to deposit a digital copy of their article (according to the terms of their author agreement) in the UWM Digital Commons. [UWM Deposit License]