“Social Justice Activisim among Muslims in Milwaukee” 2015 Fromkin Lecture

2015 Fromkin postcardCaroline Seymour-Jorn, Associate Professor, UWM Department of French, Italian and Comparative Literature; Anna Mansson McGinty, Associate Professor, UWM Dept. of Geography and Women’s and Gender Studies Program; and Kristin Sziarto, Assistant Professor, UWM Department of Geography, presented the 2015 Fromkin Lecture on October 29 in the fourth floor Conference Center of the Golda Meir Library.

The title of their presentation was “Social Justice Activism among Muslims in Milwaukee.”

This lecture elaborated on Muslims’ sense of belonging, and their religious, social, and civic engagement in Milwaukee.

The speakers examined how Muslims address poverty and social inequality among both Muslims and non-Muslims in the city through various religious and non-religious organizations and collaborations.

The lecture demonstrated that social justice activism among Muslims in Milwaukee embodies the Islamic faith and serves to improve the rights and conditions of under-represented people in Milwaukee, as well as giving a voice to a stigmatized Muslim minority.