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History of the Collection

In the early 1980s, Frank and Mary Ermenč made a donation the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Library to purchase Slovenian music. The idea was to build a collection to facilitate the study and performance of the music of Slovenia – printed scores, sound recordings, and books about Slovene music and composers – that would be accessible to musicians and scholars. Over the years the collection, which consists of mostly newly published and commissioned works, has served as inspiration for poster sessions at professional meetings, international visits by music librarians, and material exchange agreements for journals.

Below is a chronological (though not comprehensive) list of major milestones and visits  

1998 Director of UWM Libraries Peter Watson Boone visits Slovenia
1999 Peter Watson Boone commissions work by Lojze Lebič in honor of Primož Ramovš. Invokacija/Invocation (à Primož Ramovš) was completed in 2002 and commercially published in 2007
2000 Rebecca Littman, Head of UWM Music Library visits Slovenia
2000 Nov agreement with the National & University Library (NUK) to provide UWM with their publications in exchange for US imprints and subscriptions to choral journals
2000 June Visit by Zoran Krstulović to help catalog materials
2002 commissioned Choral Work from Damijan Mocnik
2002 Apr 2 visit by Ambassador Davorin Kračun
2006 Feb 10 visit by Dr. Zvone Žigon Consul General
2006 June visit from Slovenski Oktet
2006 Nov visit by Klavirski duo Dekleva –  Alenka and Igor Dekleva, pianists
2010 Mar visit by Mr. Jure Žmauc Consul General
2011 visit by Damijan Mocnik to conduct first performance of commissioned choral work Venit Lumen on 9 December
2012 Nov 29 visit by Minister Ljudmila Novak, (Minister of Slovenians abroad) & former Consul General Dr. Zvone Žigon
2014 Approval Plan set up with score vendor to acquire printed music from Slovenia on a regular basis, with the first arriving in October
2015 Sep visit by the Slovenian Ambassador Dr. Božo Cerar

Search the Collection

Most scores, parts and recordings are searchable in Search@UW; however, this collection also includes many choral arrangements of Slovenian folk music in multiple copies which are not listed in the online catalog. There is an online inventory available. For further assistance, please contact the Music Library through AskMusic or inquire in-person at the Music Library Service Counter.