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Finding Public Domain Scores Online

Below is a list of selected websites where you will find digitized scores that are in the public domain.  Be aware that some sites provide better editions and quality images than others.

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General Pages


  • The International Music Score Library Project
          • Repository with tens of thousands of musical scores that are in the public domain (follows Canada’s copyright laws)
          • All scores are in .pdf format



  • VARIATIONS Prototype: Online Musical Scores
          • Content for Indiana University courses on Opera Literature, Song Literature, Orchestral and Choral Literature, Chamber Music Literature and Piano Literature
          • “Designed primarily for online display, not for printing”
          • Pages of scores scanned as individual .gifs
  • Choral Public Domain Library
    • Choral sheet music
    • Most scores re-type set
    • Most scores available in .pdf
  • Kern Scores
    • “KernScores hosts musical data encoded in the Humdrum file format.  The data is a text-based description for musical scores, and its primary purpose is for computational musical analysis using the Humdrum Toolkit.”
    • Large number of scores available as .pdf
  • Musical Scores Collection – Sibley Music Library at UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER LIBRARIES
    • Random Collection
    • Many Scores are unique to the Sibley Music Library collection
    • All scores are in .pdf format