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Music Library: Fines & Fees

Overdue Fines

Item Type Per Day Fine Blocked Check Out Privileges
Books & Scores* 25¢ Cumulative fines of $200 or more
result in blocked charging privileges.
Proof of payment is required
to remove any block.
Sound Recordings $1
Journals 25¢
Reserves (2 hour) 50¢/hour
Headphones 50¢/hour

*You are given a 3 day grace period for books & scores, however on the 4th day the fines from the previous three days also take effect.  So on day 4 you will owe $1.

Lost Item Replacement Costs

Item Type Replacement Fee * Overdue Maximum
Total Cost if Item is Returned
Books & Scores $100 $15 up to $15
Sound Recordings $20 (per disc)** $15 up to $15
Journals $60 $15 up to $15
Headphones $60 $15 up to $15

*If the item is returned, the Replacement Fee will be removed but the Overdue Maximum is still collected.

**Example: For a 3 disc set the total charge would be $75.  That is, $20 X 3 = $60 ($20 per disc) + the $15 overdue maximum.