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Course Related Listening – Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions and Software Requirements

NOTE: This page is being revised. Please check back.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.  What software do I need on my computer to listen from an audio e-reserve page?

Please see the section “Instructions and Software Requirements” above for software requirements.

2. Why can’t I log in?

You could be misspelling your ID or Password.  Please make sure “Caps Lock” is not on.

If you are being asked for an id and password at any site other than this one you need to contact your professor.  The link that he/she has provided to a listening track needs to be modified.

3. The audio from (Naxos) links is choppy.  The player often stalls and/or says “buffering…”

The UWM Libraries’ default streaming rate for Naxos Music Library is “Standard,” so if it’s buffering there may, as with most streaming services, be a high use level. Try back a little later.

4. Can I listen from off campus?

Yes you can. You just need to log in to the campus network with your ePanther ID/PW. In fact, Naxos has a mobile app. Instructions on using that are coming soon

5. Can I download the streaming audio on Naxos or Classical Music Library to my computer/iPod?

No. The systems are not set up for download. They do both have a mechanism for you to purchase the tracks if you choose to.

6. My question isn’t on this list.  What do I do?

E-mail your question to the UWM Music Library at AskMusic


Consult one of the following help pages that applies to the link you are having trouble with: