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Information About Course Reserves


Physical Music Materials
  • Sound recordings and scores placed on reserve by faculty can be found at the Music Service Counter and may be checked out for use in this area.
  • Books about music might be at either the Music Service Counter (especially for music courses) or at the Media and Reserve Library Service Counter in the Lower Level of the West Wing.
  • Searching for the book in Search@UW will tell you where it is being held.

For Students

Course Related Listening

  • The Music Library does not maintain listening lists for courses. Your professors can now easily incorporate those links into your D2L content. This FAQ is intended to give you some ideas of things that might go wrong when trying to access those links.
  • Frequently Asked Questions NOTE: This is outdated and is in the process of being revised.

For Faculty

Faculty Reserve Instructions

Music Reserve Request Forms

Course Related Listening – The Music Library does not maintain course listening lists, but we will be happy to help you generate lists that are properly coded to be embedded in your course D2L sites. This will make sure that your students are listening to the correct works and the performances that you prefer them to hear. Please contact the Music Librarian for help with this.