Recording Booth

Recording Booth Information

The UWM Libraries recording booth is located in the Media and Reserve Services area, lower level, west wing.  The small room is intended for use by members of the UWM community who need to rehearse speeches, conduct online or phone interviews, record audiovisual presentations or other similar projects. The booth is not available for use as a quiet study space, music rehearsal space or for other non-recording or non-vocal uses. Use of the noise-quieting recording booth is for educational purposes only.  Please note, the recording booth is not soundproof.

The booth is available to those who are eligible to check out materials from Media and Reserve Services. (i.e. valid UWM students, faculty and staff, and UW-System borrowers.) You must present your UWM ID/borrowing card when using the booth. The booth may be reserved or used on a walk-in basis for two (2) hours at a time if not reserved by anyone else.

The recording booth is wheelchair accessible and contains overhead lighting, a folding table and a chair.

Basic recording equipment (audio recorders, video cameras and tripods) are available for checkout at the Media and Reserve Services counter.

The booth is available on a walk-in basis or it can be reserved in advance by phone at 414-229-4673 or through the **online booking form at 

**Note online form is ONLY monitored Monday-Friday 8-4 only).

*** Note that a person that is more than 15 minutes late forfeits their reservation if others are waiting.

Recording booth users are responsible for the condition of the booth and must comply with the UWM Libraries User Rights and Responsibilities.

Users should be considerate of others studying in areas adjacent to the recording booth and maintain a reasonable volume level.

No food or drink is allowed in the Recording Booth.

Media and Reserve Services retains the right to alter the schedule, supersede availability or close the booth without notice.




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