The UWM Libraries are pleased to make Dell Chromebook laptops available for checkout.

Chromebook Handout
Laptop Accessibility

Zoom PWA fix for Chromebooks

Chrome Extension Fix for ReadWrite Issue

How long does the laptop circulate? 7 Days
Laptops and all other equipment are not renewable.

What are the fines and fees for late or damaged laptops?

▪ Overdue fines are: $5/hour.
▪ You will be billed for reasonable repair or replacement costs up to $600 if the Chrome laptop or components are damaged, lost, or stolen.

What happens when I borrow a laptop?
A library worker will inspect the laptop for damage and check for all parts when you check out and return the machine.  Please do not return laptops to the book drop or leave them on the counter.

What do I get when I borrow a laptop?

▪ Carrying case
▪ AC power supply
▪ A copy of the Laptop User Instructions
▪ Also available  – Surge Protector

Using Zoom on the Chromebook

You will need to log in with your Google ID.  Use the “Add Person”
icon at the bottom left of the screen to log in to the Internet to use Zoom.
Zoom PWA fix for Chromebooks

Saving your work
You will need to save your work to a USB flash drive to your OneDrive cloud space or some other form of external storage. Laptops are reset and data deleted after every use.

Printing on Campus

Click File “SAVE AS” and choose “Download a Copy” to save it temporarily.  Follow one of the following printing options:

  • E-MAIL – Using your UWM school email account, email your documents to You will get a email with a “Release Code” to use at the WEPA printer.
  • WEB – Go to: Choose UWM and then upload the documents and send to the printer.