Drawing Tablets

Image of Large Wacom Drawing Tablet with PenThe UWM Libraries are pleased to make Drawing Tablets available for checkout by UWM students, faculty and staff with valid UWM ID.

Wacom Intuos Pro Large Drawing Tablet  – Handout link  – Manual link

Wacom Intuos Photo Small Drawing Tablet  – Handout link –  Manual link

How long does the drawing tablet circulate? 7-days.  Drawing tablets are not renewable.  Only 1 tablet per person.

What are the fines and fees for late or damaged drawing tablet?

▪ Overdue fines are: $5/hour.
▪ You will be billed for reasonable repair or replacement costs up to $700 if the drawing tablet or components are damaged, lost, or stolen.

What happens when I borrow a drawing tablet?
A library worker will inspect the drawing tablet for damage and check for all parts when you check out and return the machine.  Please do not return drawing tablets to the book drop or leave them on the counter.

What do I get when I borrow a drawing tablet?

▪ Carrying case
▪ AC power supply
▪ A copy of the User Instructions
▪ Optional – 3D Drawing Pen (Usable only with large one – requires 3D software)