Cell Phone, Pages, Sound Cards, and Conversation

The UWM Libraries are committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study and research as well as welcoming to all users.

Therefore, we ask that …

  • If you carry a cell phone or pager, please turn off the ringer.
  • If you need to place or take a call, please step into the stairwells or outer lobby areas.
  • If you have a sound card on your laptop, please turn it off.
  • When conversing or studying with others, please be mindful of the other library users. Use the group study areas located in the lower level tunnel, and at the top of the second and third floor staircases.
  • Avoid disturbances or behavior that interferes with the normal use of the library. For example, use of a radio, CD and other audio players with a volume loud enough to disturb others.

Please keep in mind that any device that rings or generates audible noises can be distracting to others. Thank you for considering and respecting those around you!