A short training session is required to use the Studio. Contact Ann Hanlon to schedule training and with questions: hanlon@uwm.edu

The Audio Studio, GML E271, was opened in 2018. Featuring up to four mic stations, a Tascam recorder and converter, and an 8-channel mixing board, the Audio Studio is ideal for professional, high-quality sound recordings. With sound-buffering panels, the Audio Studio provides an ideal environment for podcasts, oral history interviews, and other projects that require high-quality voice recording.

The Audio Studio is located on the second floor of the Golda Meir Library on the east side of the second floor bridge, in room E271. (You must enter the main, west wing doors, and cross the bridge on the second floor to reach the east side of the library.)

For more information about using the Audio Studio, please contact Ann Hanlon at hanlon@uwm.edu.

Our staff have created some quick tutorials to help guide setup in the Audio Studio and a few basic editing strategies in Audacity.

Policy for use of Audio Studio

  1. The Audio Studio is available to trained UWM-affiliated students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Users of the Audio Studio must arrange for and attend a short 30-minute training session. (contact Ann Hanlon, hanlon@uwm.edu, to make arrangements)
    • Students, staff, and faculty who complete training will be added to a roster of individuals eligible to use the Audio Studio.
    • Training must be completed prior to use of the Audio Studio.
  3. Groups and individuals who have completed training may reserve the Audio Studio Key.
    • How to reserve Audio Studio and request the key
    • Please note that the time of the request form uses 24-hour format, and there is a 15-minute buffer between reservations.
    • Reservations are subject to availability of the Audio Studio for the time period requested. Reservations must be made by and for UWM-affiliated students, faculty, and staff who have met the brief training requirements.
  4. Access to the Audio Studio:
    • If you have made and received confirmation for your reservation, arrive at the main circulation desk at your designated reservation time to check out the key to the Audio Studio.
    • Important: If you have not arrived to check out the key within 15 minutes of your reservation time, your reservation will be forfeited and may be given to another patron.
    • Leave the room as you found it and pull the door behind you to lock it when you leave; you are required to return the key to the main circulation desk after your reservation time has expired.
    • If you must leave the room during your reserved time and intend to return, close and lock the door and take the key with you. Security staff have been instructed to close the door if it is open to an empty room, regardless of reservation schedules.
  5. Who to ask for assistance: