Digital Humanities Lab

UWM Projects in the Digital Humanities: Stitching History from the Holocaust

Project Title: Stitching History from the Holocaust

Primary UWM Contact: Rachel Baum

Affiliated Institutions: UWM Libraries, UWM Libraries Digital Humanities Lab, and the Jewish Museum Milwaukee.

Description: The Stitching History digital exhibit is the result of a successful university-community partnership, bringing together the UW-Milwaukee Libraries, the UW-Milwaukee Digital Humanities Lab, and the Jewish Museum Milwaukee. When the Jewish Museum Milwaukee first decided to mount an exhibit on Hedy Strnad, they turned to librarians and scholars in the Humanities to provide the broader context needed for understanding the artifacts. The Stitching History from the Holocaust digital exhibit is the first community-partnered project to emerge from the then-newly established Digital Humanities Lab, and provides a model for future partnerships

This digital exhibit creates a new context for these artifacts: one that provides evidence of Paul and Hedy Strnad’s experience and shares those remaining artifacts with the world. Rather than simply creating a website of the exhibit, the Digital Humanities team built the exhibit around a repository structure that affords each artifact its own descriptive information and enables further research and new narratives to grow around them.