Digital Humanities Lab

Sample Assignments

As part of the goal to develop a resource for instructors on campus, the Lab is always looking for the ways the digital humanities take shape in the classroom.

Below are the sample assignments the DH Lab Teaching Fellows.

2021-22 Cohort:

2020-21 Cohort:

2019-20 Cohort:

2018-19 Cohort:

From the inaugural Pedagogy Fair in 2018, here are a few of the assignments and lesson plans shared by UWM instructors.

Research Methods in Local History by Jasmine Alinder (History)
Podcasting the Past by Christopher D. Cantwell (History)
Reading in the Content Areas by  Candance Doerr-Stevens (Education)
Web Design I by Adam Hudson (InfoSt)
Multicultural America by Krista-Lee Malone (Anthropology)
Rhetoric of Architecture by Kristopher Purzycki (English)
Architecture and Human Behavior by Arijit Sen (Architecture)