DH Lab Garage Sessions

GaragePhoto: Phillip Van Asten

Whether you think of garages as places for plucky rock bands or idealistic start-up companies (or cars), they are legendary as sites for tinkering and experimentation – and eventually, mastery. So we’re adopting the garage trope for a new program in the Lab: DH Lab Garage Sessions. Gather a few like-minded people to learn a new skill or digital tool together. Experiment with it, look under the hood, play the same chords over and over until you get them right. No existing mastery is necessary, just a desire to learn and a willingness to get messy. To get started, let us know what tools or skills you want to investigate. We will work with you to set up a sandbox environment in the DH Lab and coordinate others with similar interests to tinker, work, play, and learn together. We encourage experimenting with any of the programs listed on our tools page, but we’re open to trying out other programs as well.

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Arranging a Garage Session

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