Digital Humanities Lab

Lab Affiliates

Digital Humanities Advisory Board

Jasmine Alinder, Associate Dean, Humanities, ex officio (past Chair, Spring 2017)
Chris Cantwell, Letters and Science: History
Michael Doylen, Associate Vice Provost and Director of Libraries, ex officio
Krista Grensavitch, Graduate Student: History
Ann Hanlon, Digital Humanities Lab Head, ex officio
Nadine Kozak, School of Information Studies
Rachel Baum, Letters and Science: Foreign Languages and Literature
Kevin Schlei, Peck School of the Arts
Arijit Sen, School of Architecture and Urban Planning (Chair, 2018-19)
Nathaniel Stern, Peck School of the Arts (past Chair, 2017-18)
Marc Tasman, Digital Arts and Culture Coordinator, ex officio
Kari Whittenberger-Keith, Office of Sponsored Programs, ex officio

Past Digital Humanities Advisory Board Members

Shelleen Greene, Peck School of the Arts
Tom Haigh, School of Information Studies
Stuart Moulthrop, English (past Chair, Fall 2016)
Kristopher Purzycki, English, Graduate Student
Will Tchakirides, History, Graduate Student
Chia Vang, History (past Chair 2015-16)

DH Lab Team (UWM Libraries)

Ann Hanlon, Head, Digital Collections and Initiatives and Digital Humanities Lab
Stephen Appel, Geospatial Information Specialist
Nathan Humpal, Metadata Librarian
Kristopher Purzycki, Lab Intern

Students Working With the DH Lab

Kris Purzycki, DH Lab Intern (English): As a doctoral student with the English department, Kris is primarily invested in digital media studies. His dissertation work involves the study of how one develops a sense of place within virtual and digitally mediated spaces.

Geoff Gimse (English) is a doctoral student in professional and technical communication at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His research interests include the social impacts of digital architecture, data structures, media management systems, and participatory culture in online and offline spaces. His current work examines how different digital tools and development strategies impact user publics and the people within them.

Past DH Lab Affiliates

Matthew Russell (Comparative Literature)
Heather Brinkman (Anthropology)
Blake Holman (School of Information Science)
Margaret Spiegel (History)
Will Tchakirides (History)
Bing Yao (Library and Information Sciences)
Jeremy Magnan (English)
Rachael Sullivan (English)
Elaine Joy Basa (English)
Eric Herhuth (English)
Katherine Morrissey (English)