Proxy Patron Request Form for UWM Faculty and Staff

Proxies for UWM faculty and staff (both active and retired) may check out materials on behalf of a faculty/staff member, so long as the proxy is also part of the UWM Community (staff/student). Items which are checked out by the proxies for the faculty/staff member appear on the faculty/staff member’s personal record. The faculty/staff member is responsible for all materials checked out by a proxy in this manner.

To request someone be a proxy, please provide the information requested below. All fields are required, including the end date for the proxy relationship. It is the faculty/staff member’s responsibility to notify the UWM Libraries should a proxy relationship need to be terminated prior to the date provided here. To renew or extend a proxy, simply fill out a new form with the new end date desired. The Circulation Desk of the UWM Libraries will send an email confirmation, usually within 3 days, that the proxy request has been received and processed. Proxy requests may also be made in person at the Main Circulation Desk.

  • Faculty/Staff Information

  • Proxy Patron Information

  • NameProxy ePanther IDEnd Date (expiration for the proxy relationship) 

Confirmation will be sent to your UWM e-mail address within 3 days. For questions, please contact UWM Library Circulation desk staff at (414) 229-4132 or e-mail