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The Archives uses Archive-It, a subscription service of the Internet Archive, to capture, preserve, and make accessible web content that falls within scope of our university records mandate and manuscripts collecting policy.

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About the Web Archives

The Archives identifies a web domain or website, and then directs the Archive-It web crawler to periodically create copies to ensure long-term access. We generally crawl sites on an annual basis, although more frequent crawls are possible and exceptions are made as needed. After crawling the web site or web domain, Archive-It indexes the content and provides access on its own site.

Types of Web Content Collected

  • Official UWM web sites
  • UWM-affiliated web sites (e.g., student organization web sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr pages created by organizations at UWM)
  • Web sites relevant to the Archives Collection Development Policy
  • Web pages (HTML), photographs (jpegs and tiffs), embedded video (mpegs), embedded audio (wav., mp3), and PDFs
  • Publicly available web content that is not password protected

Types of Web Content Not Collected

  • Web sites created by individual UWM students
  • Password-protected sites
  • Databases
  • Calendars
  • JavaScripting
  • Streaming audio/video
  • YouTube videos
  • Web sites that have robots.txt exclusion requests


The Archives crawls publicly available websites which are copyrighted by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee or for which we have secured the prior, express written consent of the copyright holder. We provide free access for the purposes of scholarship and research. We do not claim copyright to any of the materials within the Internet Archive. It is the sole responsibility of the user to determine the copyright status of these materials before publishing.