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Reading Room Guidelines

Because the Archives Department holds irreplaceable materials, we ask that you help us by following these guidelines:

Personal Items

  • Use the lockers or coat rack for your personal items and only take items needed for notes to the Reading Room tables.
  • Laptop computers and cameras are welcome.

Safety of Archival Materials

  • Please leave food and beverages outside the Reading Room. Handle our materials with clean hands and a pencil.
  • Please consult staff before using personal scanning equipment. It is generally permitted as long as it is discussed in advance with the staff.

Respectful Behavior

  • Permission for public use or display of our collections can be granted in many circumstances.  Ask our staff for details.
  • Some records include confidential material.  If you come across personally identifiable information during your visit, please alert the staff and refrain from sharing it publicly.
  • Practice cell phone courtesy by silencing your phone and taking calls outside the Reading Room.

Our friendly archivists are always happy to assist you or answer any questions that you might have.