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Tax Records

Barton (Wis.). Assessor. Assessment rolls, 1940-1960.

Washington Series 15

Assessment rolls covering both real property and personal property. Rolls show name of property owner, legal description of real property including land and improvements, classification of taxable personal property, assessed valuation of real property and taxable personal property, and taxes levied. Arranged by year. Each volume is divided into a real property section and a personal property section. The real property section is arranged by assessment number or subdivision/section name. The personal property section is arranged by last name of property owner.

Blood, Ira, 1811-1868. Papers, 1836-ca. 1863.

Milwaukee Manuscript Collection 166

Papers of Blood, a surveyor active in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, as early as 1836. Included are sketches and survey maps (some in watercolor), descriptions of interior lines, and field notes primarily for Waukesha County, but also relating to portions of Milwaukee, Racine and Walworth Counties. In addition there are lists of property owners, assessment rates, and legal descriptions of property for parts of Waukesha County. Personal material in Box 1 includes a notebook of surveying assignments at Chester Academy (1836) and a docket book for School District No. 6, Town of Vernon (1844-1861), for which Blood was the clerk, including accounts and narrative school reports. The Town of Muskego survey notebook includes two lists of names, circa 1863, and probably from the Town of Vernon, that contains information on military status including age, place of birth, occupation, and physical impairments. View finding aid.

Brookfield (Wis.). Clerk. City Clerk’s records, 1955-1968.

Waukesha Series 22

General files of the city clerk include correspondence reports from city committees, commissions, and departments; petitions; liquor license applications; tax matters; annexation requests; sewage district concerns; zoning; and other matters. View finding aid.

Lyndon (Sheboygan County, Wis. : Town). Clerk. Records, 1849-1978.

Sheboygan Series 24

Collection consists of clerk’s general record books (1849-1967); treasurer’s account books (1883-1978); election records (1868-1907); justice of the peace dockets (1858-1926); and a highway record book (1868-1901). View finding aid.

Lyndon (Sheboygan County, Wis. : Town). Treasurer. Tax rolls, 1870-1910.

Sheboygan Series 23

A record of taxes on real and personal property, including name of owner, description of property, number of acres, valuation of property, taxes assessed, and allocation of taxes to the state, county, town, school district, highway commission, and other special funds. The tax rolls were compiled annually until 1900 and every five years thereafter. Volumes for the years 1872-1873, 1875-1879, 1881, and 1883-1886 are missing.

Milwaukee County (Wis.). Treasurer. Tax returns and record of sales, 1901.

Milwaukee Series 16

Transcript of returns and record of sales, showing parcels of land for which taxes remained unpaid; amount of taxes and fees owed; late taxes paid; date of sale; and to whom sold.

Milwaukee County (Wis.). Treasurer. Tax rolls, 1868-1955, 1960, 1965, 1970.

Milwaukee Series 14

Tax rolls for real and personal property in Milwaukee County cities, towns, and villages, giving name, property, and taxes assessed, amount paid. Parts of the collection are available only on microfilm. View finding aid.

Milwaukee County (Wis.). Treasurer. Tax sale books, 1837-ca. 1867, 1888-1904.

Milwaukee Series 15

Books list lands sold for delinquent taxes, giving year of sale; certificate number; land description; owner; amount sold for; whether redeemed, canceled, or disposed of otherwise; date and name of redeemer. View finding aid.

Milwaukee (Milwaukee County, Wis.: Town). Clerk. Assessment rolls, 1846-1850.

Milwaukee Series 34 and Milwaukee Micro Series 6

A record of lands assessed for taxation showing names of resident and nonresident owners, legal description of land, number of acres, value of real estate established by the assessor and equalized value of land, and amounts of the several taxes levied on each parcel. The volumes for 1848 and 1850 were microfilmed because of their fragile physical condition, and are cataloged as Milwaukee Micro Series 6. Information about these collections is included in the finding aid of Town of Milwaukee Records. In Contents List, see Assessment Rolls, 1875-1955. View finding aid.

Milwaukee (Wis. : Town). Assessor. Property appraisal cards, 1935-(1955?)

Milwaukee Series 30

Information probably compiled by federal relief workers in the 1930s for use in improving assessments of residential and mercantile property. Cards show description of land; name of owner; type of dwelling; group plan of structures including dimensions; date of construction; and details of heating, plumbing, and other fixtures and facilities. There are cards for township sections 4-9, 17-20, and 29-32.

Milwaukee (Wis. : Town). Assessor. Property transfer records, 1932-1955.

Milwaukee Series 26

Record of changes in ownership of real properties within the town, showing names of grantor and grantee, description of property, date of transaction, type of deed, document number, and sometimes the price of the property. Information about these collections is included in the finding aid of Town of Milwaukee Records. In Scope and Content Note, see Property Transfer Records, 1932-1955. View finding aid.

Milwaukee (Wis. : Town). Assessor. Real estate blotter, 1930-1937.

Milwaukee Series 32

Record of assessed valuation of real estate in the town for each year, showing name of property owner, location, acreage, class of property (residential, mercantile, manufacturing, agricultural), and value of land and improvements. An index to the subdivisions and plats is in the front of the volume.

Milwaukee (Wis. : Town). Board of Supervisors. Records, 1846-1955.

Milwaukee Series 5 and Milwaukee Micro Series 5

Proceedings include record of expenditures authorized; licenses granted; actions taken for bridge and road surveying and construction; orders and resolutions passed; and examinations of town road district affairs. The board also met as a board of review for tax assessments and as a board of audit of town finances. Collection also contains minutes of annual town meetings, special meetings, and committees. Earlier volumes also contain petitions to the board, reports of fence viewers, copies of chattel mortgages, official oaths and bonds, and returns for state and national elections.

Milwaukee (Wis. : Town). Overseer of Highways. Tax rolls, 1870-1879.

Milwaukee Series 29

Record of highway and poll taxes collected by the overseer in each highway district. For real property the record shows name of owner, legal description and acreage of land, and assessed valuation. Also shows value of personal property and lists of persons without real or personal property but subject to poll taxes.

Milwaukee (Wis. : Town). Treasurer. Accounts, 1888-1920.

Milwaukee Small Series 12

Summary statement of the treasurer’s transactions with the town’s general and special funds, with the various school and road districts, and the county treasurer. In later years the town board of audit examined these accounts which followed a format for the classification of receipts and expenditures prescribed by the state tax commission. See also the annual reports in Milwaukee (Wis. : Town). Clerk (Milwaukee Series 9).

Milwaukee (Wis. : Town). Treasurer. Audit reports, 1925-1955.

Milwaukee Series 28

Annual and special audits include balance sheets, summaries of revenues and expenditures, statement of tax levies, and similar information. Special audits were made necessary by annexations of town lands to other municipalities and subsequent divisions of assets.

Milwaukee (Wis. : Town). Treasurer. Records, 1932-1954.

Milwaukee Small Series 10

Records include budgets submitted to the annual town meetings, statistical information on tax levies and assessment valuations, and correspondence with the town attorney and the county treasurer concerning tax collections.

Mitchell (Wis.). Clerk. Town records, 1850-1923.

Sheboygan Micro Series 1

Records include town board and town meeting proceedings (1855-1891); records of marks and brands (1871-1889); bills of sale (1876, 1894-1923); notices of change in the date of the annual school district meetings (1874, 1876); chattel mortgages (1871-1891); road and school districts (1871-1914); school census, receipts, and disbursements (1850-1861); and apportionment of school fund income and county school tax (1862-1891).

Oconomowoc (Waukesha County, Wis.: Town). Board of Supervisors. Records, 1844-1995.

Waukesha Series 40

Records from the Town Board, consisting mainly of minutes of the Board’s annual and regular meetings (1844-1995), but also included in the volumes are petitions, orders, election statements, records of town receipts and expenditures, reports made to the Board by town officials, tax records, and oaths and bonds of town officials. Dates of the volumes overlap, although the information contained therein does not. View finding aid.

Oconomowoc (Waukesha County, Wis.: Town). Board of Supervisors. Road warrants and highway tax lists, 1893-1918.

Waukesha Series 39

Tax lists and road warrants kept by the Overseer of Highways for the Town of Oconomowoc, and later the road district superintendents, showing names of all persons assessed to pay highway tax in the road district, location and acreage of assessed lands, assessed valuation of real and personal property, amount of poll tax, and total amount of tax. The records are incomplete or nonexistent for some years. Finding aid available in the Archives.

Oconomowoc (Wis.). Board of Review. Minutes, 1877-1974.

Waukesha Series 29

Minutes of the Board which corrects errors in the assessment roll and which may adjust amounts assessed in response to objections from property owners. No records exist for 1904-1907.

Saukville (Wis.). Treasurer. Account books, 1915-1963.

Ozaukee Series 5

Books record village receipts and disbursements, showing date, amount, source, and account and receipt number. Volume 1 includes tax roll collections and some delinquent tax reports; volume 2 records school taxes and apportionment; and volume 3 records cemetery and “perpetual care” funds.

Sheboygan County (Wis.). Treasurer. Tax rolls and assessment rolls, 1910-2000.

Sheboygan Series 15

Tax and assessment rolls for real and personal property. For real property, the rolls show name of owner, land description, assessed valuation, taxes and charges assessed, and amount paid. For personal property, the rolls provide name of owner, type and value of property, amount of taxes and charges assessed, and amount and date paid. View finding aid.

Waukesha County (Wis.). Clerk. Accounts, 1865-1897.

Waukesha Small Series 4

Ledger of accounts showing clerk’s name and all receipts and expenditures. The ledger is concerned primarily with the redemption of certificates held on land and taxes.

Waukesha County (Wis.). Clerk. Record of state land, 1863-1888.

Waukesha Small Series 3

Record of state lands kept for the use of local assessors in computing taxation on all lands within the county on contract from or mortgaged to the state. Includes lists of state lands patented and sold, university lands, lands mortgaged in full as well as lands held on contract and mortgaged to the state, lands held on contract, forfeited, or obtained, or names of mortgagor, and date of patent.

Waukesha County (Wis.). Treasurer. Tax rolls, 1848-1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1945-1983.

Waukesha Series 4

Tax rolls for real and personal property in Waukesha County (Wis.) cities, towns, and villages that list name, property, taxes assessed, and amount paid. This series consists of two parts: original volumes from 1848-1870 and every tenth year thereafter through 1940 plus 1955 and 1960; and microfilm which also includes tax sale records, 1945-1983. View finding aid.

West Allis (Wis.). Clerk. Subject files, 1902-1961.

Milwaukee Series 4

Correspondence, banks reports, bids, contracts, petitions, ordinances, and claims relating to such city business as elections, appointments, taxes, finance, public works, parks, schools, sanitation, and traffic. Files for 1926-1927 and M-Z of 1932-1933 are missing. View finding aid.

West Bend (Wis.). Assessor. Assessment rolls, 1925-1970.

Washington Series 14

Assessment rolls covering both real property and personal property. Rolls show name of property owner; legal description of real property including land and improvements; classification of taxable personal property; assessed valuation of real property and taxable personal property; and taxes levied. The volume from 1925 includes income tax assessment. This series contains assessment rolls for every fifth year from 1925-1970 except 1950. Arranged by year. Each volume is divided into a real property section and a personal property section. The real property section is arranged by assessment number or subdivision/section name. The personal property section is arranged by last name of property owner. Some volumes contain an index to subdivision/section. View finding aid.

Wisconsin. County Court (Sheboygan County). Condemnation records, 1902-1919.

Sheboygan Series 20

Series consists of a summary of action, arranged chronologically, to condemn property in Sheboygan County, usually including a legal description of the property, the value of the land taken, the owners of the property, and the names of the jurors.

Wisconsin. County Court (Sheboygan County). Probate records, 1882-1928.

Sheboygan Series 17

The series consists of four groups of bound records: wills, a record of claims, final judgments, and the tax on legacies. The three volumes of wills (1860-1871, 1889-1899, and 1897-1902) contain a summary of proceedings, including a copy of the last will and testament; executor’s bonds; orders for appraisal; and various affidavits and petitions. The record of claims (1882-1915) provides the name of the person being claimed against, the date and amount of the claim, and the person making the claim. An index is at the front of the volume and on pages 400-413. The series also contains a volume of final judgements of probate (1899-1928) arranged chronologically.

A volume recording taxes on legacies (1903-1906) is arranged by the date the petition was filed, and provides place and date of death; estimated value of property; date and amount of the inventory of property; and heirs at large, legatees, and devisees.

Wisconsin. Supervisor of Assessments. Cost studies, 1933-1945.

Wisconsin Series 1510

Unit cost studies compiled under the direction of Paul Schlagenhauf, Supervisor of Assessments, Milwaukee District, as part of Works Progress Administration Project No. 9074 and Wisconsin Emergency Relief Administration S40-F2-381. Data consists of charts, tables, and explanatory information designed and compiled for the purpose of assisting the property assessor to estimate quick and practical methods for the cost of major classes of construction.

Wisconsin. Supervisor of Assessments. District value cards, 1928-1950.

Wisconsin Series 1509

District value cards prepared under Section 70.57 of the Wis. Statutes, showing total value of residential, mercantile, and agricultural, swamp, cutover, waste, and timberland; improvements on each class of land; value for previous year and the increase; recommended full value and totals; sales data for each class of land, showing change in value. The district included Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, and Waukesha Counties.

Wisconsin. Supervisor of Assessments. Statement of assessments, 1920-1950.

Wisconsin Series 1508

Statements of assessments filed under Section 70.53 of the Wis. Statutes showing name of county; town; date; value of residential, mercantile, or manufacturing property and of improvements; also value of personal property including sheep, cattle, swine, merchants’ stocks, manufacturers’ stocks, leaf tobacco, logs, timber, steam vessels; and the total value of real and personal property. Counties included are Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, and Waukesha.