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Civil, Criminal, Fire, Jail, and Police Records

Lyndon (Sheboygan County, Wis. : Town). Clerk. Records, 1849-1978.

Sheboygan Series 24

Collection consists of clerk’s general record books (1849-1967); treasurer’s account books (1883-1978); election records (1868-1907); justice of the peace dockets (1858-1926); and a highway record book (1868-1901).

Milwaukee (Wis. : Town). Fire Dept. Record of calls, 1927-1952.

Milwaukee Series 7

Fire chief’s report of calls made by the department describing the nature, location, and cause of fire or accident; damages to property; roll of personnel answering each call; and related information. Reports are incomplete before 1932.

Milwaukee (Wis. : Town). Police Dept. Daily reports, 1942-1945.

Milwaukee Series 8

Daily reports of police activities showing the time and nature of activity and a summary of police actions, including traffic and accident calls, criminal investigations, family and neighborhood complaints, and civil defense work.

West Allis (Wis.). Police Dept. Criminal complaints registers, 1928-1963.

Milwaukee Series 13

Contains the criminal complaints registers of the West Allis Police Department. Each volume contains a table of contents on the inside front cover with complaints listed in two categories: a property index and an offense index. The property index includes entries for personal property thefts, such as automobile, clothing, jewelry, etc. The entries list the complainant, location where theft occurred, the item which was taken, and the name or description of offender when known.

The offense index includes assaults, burglaries, and complaints of indecent or immoral behavior in the early volumes. In later volumes, the registers were expanded to include gambling and liquor offenses, labor disputes, public gatherings and riots, counterfeiting, fires (generally false alarms), and business transaction complaints. Labor disputes, public gatherings, and riots were usually related and involved strikes, picketing, and violence against employees and employers. The record also came to include entries on children, narcotics use, and requests received from other law enforcement agencies. The individual entries for the previous offenses include the person or agency filing the complaint, where the offense occurred, and a description of the offense and offender if available. View finding aid.

West Allis (Wis.). Police Dept. Daily communications log, 1915-1963.

Milwaukee Series 12

Daily logs of telephone calls and other communications from citizens and police officers with a summary record of the police response. The logs record primarily non-criminal incidents including family quarrels, lost children, traffic accidents, health emergencies, and a great variety of other situations involving police officers.

West Bend (Wis.). Police Dept. Justice docket, 1944-1947.

Washington Series 7

Records usually deal with motor vehicle violations, but some deal with larceny, drunkenness, and disturbing the peace. Contains defendants’ names, complaints, dates of appearances, bills of costs, summaries of testimony, and actions taken.

Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Milwaukee County). Cases appealed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, ca. 1913-1984.

Milwaukee Series 46

Case files of civil and criminal cases appealed from the Milwaukee County Circuit Court to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, mostly dating from the 1950s and 1960s. After deciding the case, the Supreme Court returned the case files to the Milwaukee Circuit Court. The files contain materials used in the Circuit Court trials, including affidavits, appeals, complaints, orders, transcripts of hearings and trials, and other legal documents. Some files include the Supreme Court’s decision and evidence presented at the trials. The collection is indexed by defendant’s and plaintiff’s name and by case number. View finding aid.

Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Sheboygan County). Criminal minute books, 1957-1970.

Sheboygan Series 11

Contains a brief outline of all criminal actions taken, including charges, jurors, witnesses, exhibits, verdicts, and sentences. Arranged by date of trial.

Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Sheboygan County). Criminal record books, 1898-1955.

Sheboygan Series 12

Record of action in each criminal case, arranged chronologically by the date of the first action taken.

Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Sheboygan County). Journals, 1860-1879.

Sheboygan Series 9

Record of civil and criminal proceedings in open court, arranged chronologically.

Wisconsin. Circuit Court (Sheboygan County). Minute books, 1846-1962.

Sheboygan Series 10

Contains a brief outline of all actions taken in open court, arranged chronologically. View finding aid.

Wisconsin. County Court (Sheboygan County). Criminal docket, 1873-1935.

Sheboygan Series 18

Contains a summary of actions in each criminal case, arranged chronologically by the date of the first action taken.

Wisconsin. Justice of the Peace (Milwaukee: Town). Dockets, 1856-1903.

Milwaukee Series 10

Records of cases in the town of Milwaukee, including names of defendants, charges, papers served, testimony, and disposition of cases.

Wisconsin. Justice of the Peace (Saukville). Records, 1882-1952.

Ozaukee Series 6

Dockets record both criminal and civil proceedings, and contain names of plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses, attorneys, and presiding justice; dates of complaints, summonses, warrants, motions, and judgments; an account of testimony; information on verdicts records; and court fees and costs incurred. Contains an index, alphabetically arranged, sometimes by plaintiff, sometimes by defendant. Includes juror’s oath and list of court fees.

Wisconsin. Justice of the Peace (West Bend). Docket, 1865-1890.

Washington Series 6

Dockets contain civil cases and prosecutions, and show names of plaintiffs and defendants, dates of appearances, summaries of testimony, and action taken by the court.