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Using the AGSL’s Collections


The AGSL welcomes the opportunity to work with instructors from UWM and area colleges to collaborate in the design of instruction sessions, learning objects, and primary-source-based assignments. Beyond introducing students to the AGSL collections and our facilities, we aim to increase learners’ primary source literacy as outlined in the Guidelines for Primary Source Literacy developed by the Society of American Archivists and Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). More broadly, we are dedicated to a learner-centered approach to teaching and work to foster students’ critical thought about information, its creation, and its historical legacy. We work with classes from all disciplines and academic levels.

Some examples of online instruction we can provide:

  • Digital versions of material and guide students through analysis in a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra video session
  • Embed a self-guided primary source literacy module into a Canvas class, complete with mini-quizzes to assess student learning
  • Facilitate group learning in discussion boards
  • Create instruction videos about key primary source, cartographic, and data  literacy concepts related to class content

Other services we can provide include:

  • Personal video research consultations with your students
  • Video consultations about adapting primary source, cartographic and data literacy instruction for your online class
  • Facilitating digital projects/exhibits with materials from the AGSL
  • Other ideas that you might have!

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AGSL staff offer reference and research consultation services. Currently, we provide these services via email, telephone and video calls. If you require reference assistance and/or a research consultation, please email us and we will route it to the appropriate librarian.

If you are inquiring about the location of a place for genealogy or other purposes, please provide as much information as you can about the places you wish to have located (variant spellings, alternate names, name of administrative unit or province in which the place is located, time period in question, etc.). Relative location information can also be helpful (what larger towns or cities are near by, is the place on a river or lake, on the coast, etc.). If possible, photocopies of actual documents containing the place name, such as birth or marriage certificates or naturalization papers, should be provided.

If a place can be found using gazetters or other reference sources, we will give the basic information needed to locate it on a modern map (latitude and longitude, country in which it is presently located) and we will do our best to provide access to either print or digital copies of maps for your use as we are able.

E-mail the AGS Library at

Displays, Presentations, and Tours

Tours, presentations and displays are available to community groups, genealogical societies, study groups and professional organizations and area K-12 schools.

While we are currently unable to provide displays and tours in person, we are happy to talk with you to find creative means for creating virtual displays, presentations and tours of our collections.

For further information or arrangements contact the AGSL at


Permission to Reproduce AGSL Materials

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