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What type of services does the AGS Library staff provide?
We provide basic reference services, such as looking up places in gazetteers and other reference sources, but we do not have the staff to undertake extensive research. We prefer that patrons visit the Library in person, but if that is not possible, we do provide some reference services by mail, e-mail, and over the phone.

What information should patrons supply?
Patrons should give as much information as they have about the places they want located (i.e. spelling, variant spellings or alternate names, name of administrative unit or province in which the place was located, time period in question, etc.). If possible, photocopies of actual documents containing the place name, such as birth or marriage certificates or naturalization papers, should be provided.

What kind of information does the AGS Library supply?
If we can find the place in one of our gazetteers or other reference works, we will give you the basic information needed to locate it on a modern map (latitude and longitude, country it is presently in). In most cases we can also make photocopies of maps on which the place is indicated.

Is there a charge for these services?
There is no charge for basic reference services, but donations to the AGS Library are always appreciated.

Will the AGS Library supply photocopies of maps? If so, what is the cost?
Not all maps can be photocopied, due to their age, condition, and copyright restrictions. For those which can be copied, the cost depends on the size of the map. Larger maps must be copied in sections. Alternately, digital images and prints of maps can be purchased. For more information, see our web page on Reproducing AGSL Materials.

Should patrons send photocopies of foreign documents that contain the name of the place, if available?
Yes. This would be very helpful. We have staff members in the libraries who are able to translate and read most of the world’s major languages and scripts.

Should a self-addressed stamped envelope be included for reply?
Yes, if the patron is not requesting extensive photocopying.

Does the AGS Library have maps available for sale?
No. We do not publish or sell maps of any kind.