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AGSL Exhibits


The AGSL often displays materials from its holdings.  These exhibits usually follow some theme, and can include a variety of materials such as maps, charts, atlases, photographs, realia, etc. They are on display within the AGSL on the third floor, East wing of the Golda Meir Library.

Current Exhibit in the AGS Library

Mapping the National Parks

Since 1872, when President Ulysses S.
Grant designated Yellowstone as the
nation’s first National Park, the park
system has grown to include 423 park
sites across the United States. Mapping
the National Parks system, by state,
federal, and private entities alike, has
changed how people think about
geology, tourism, land management, and
the rights and customs of the parks’
original Indigenous inhabitants. How
have the National Parks changed in the
past 150 years? Can we see these
changes on maps? What’s next for
America’s beloved natural landscapes?

Academic Adventurers Exhibits
Shortly before Academic Adventurers lectures and for about a week following the lecture, there is a corresponding exhibit.  These exhibits contain a variety of materials related to the theme of the Academic Adventurer lecture.

Displays, Presentations, and Tours
Tours, presentations and displays are available to UWM classes, area colleges, community groups, and schools. Specialized displays and working tables could enhance college programming as well as space available for class lectures. Scheduling can be arranged for departmental colloquiums, visiting scholars and symposiums. Community groups such as genealogical societies, study groups and professional organizations are welcome to schedule their events with the AGS Library. Area middle and high schools are encouraged to utilize our resources as part of their course work.

Permanent Exhibits
The AGS Library has a number of items on permanent display including globes, maps, photographs and cartographic instruments.

List of Past Exhibits

For further information or arrangements, contact the AGS Library at