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We are excited to join other libraries using Georeferencer technology.

If you’re interested in seeing other examples of georeferencing projects, check these out:

Klokan’s website on Georeferencer
David Rumsey Map Collection
British Library
Harvard Map Warper
NYPL Map Warper
Map Warper Webpage
Leiden Maps in the Crowd
Old Maps Online
National Library of Scotland Georeferencer
Guide to Historical Map Overlays by Penn Libraries

For now, peruse a collection of articles both academic and informal that tackle the intersections of crowd sourcing, map referencing, and libraries:

1. Five Reasons to Crowdsource the Library by Paul Wilson, Public Libraries Online

2. How the NY Public Library Crowdsources Digital Innovation by William Fenton of PC Mag

3. What Big Media Can Learn From the New York Public Library by Alexis C. Madrigal of The Atlantic

4. Open Historical Maps: Crowdsourcing, Open Source GIS, and the Research Web by Shekhar Krishnan and Schuyler Erle of Harvard ABCD GIS Group

5. MAPHACK: Hacking NYC’s Past with NYPL Labs & Friends by David Riordan of NYPL

6. Crowdsourcing – A New 21st Century Library Skill by Dr. Steve Matthews of 21st Century Library Blog

7. Crowdsourcing Reference Help: Using Technology to Help Users Help Each Other by Ilana Stonebraker and Tao Zhang of the American Library Association

8. Georeferencer: Crowdsourced Georeferencing for Map Library Collections by Christopher Fleet of the National Library of Scotland

9. Project eHarta: a collaborative initiative to digitally preserve and freely share old cartographic documents in Romania by Vasile Crăciunescu, Ştefan Constantinescu, IonuŃ Ovejanu and Ioan Rus, of the Bucharest National Meteorological Administration, University of Bucharest, and Babes Bolyai, Cluj Napoca, Romania

10. Historical maps in ScotlandsPlaces: new collaborative geographic retrieval and presentation options for the National Library of Scotland’s maps by Christopher Fleet of the National Library of Scotland

11. Online Georeferencing for Libraries: The British Library Implementation of Georeferencer for Spatial Metadata Enhancement and Public Engagement by Kimberly C. Kowal & Petr P[rbreve]idal of the Journal of Map & Geography Libraries

12. Digital Curation and the GeoWeb: An Emerging Role for Geographic Information Librarians by Bradley Wade Bishop , Tony H. Grubesic & Sonya Prasertong of the Journal of Map and Geography Libraries

13. The Value of a Bounding Box: Moving Historical Charts beyond the Image Browser by Meredith A. Westington and Keith Bridge of the Journal of Map and Geography Libraries

14. MapScholar: A Web Tool for Publishing Interactive Cartographic Collections by S. Max Edelson & Bill Ferster of the Journal of Map and Geography Libraries

15. Crowdsourcing geographic information for disaster response: a research frontier by Michael F. Goodchild & J. Alan Glennon of the International Journal of Digital

16. Unbinding the Atlas: Moving the NYPL Map Collection Beyond Digitization by Matthew Allen Knutzen of the Journal of Map and Geography Libraries

17. AddressingHistory—Crowdsourcing a Nation’s Past by Stuart Macdonald & Nicola Osborne of the Journal of Map and Geography Libraries

18. Mapping Experience: Crowdsourced Cartography by Martin Dodge Department of Geography, University of Manchester and Rob Kitchin NIRSA, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

19. Roy Military Survey map of Scotland (1747-1755): mosaicing, geo-referencing, and web delivery by Christopher Fleet and Kimberly C. Kowal

20. MapRank: Geographical Search for Cartographic Materials in Libraries by Markus Oehrli of Zentralbibliothek Zürich Maps and Panorama Division, Petr Přidal of Klokan Technologies, and Susanne Zollinger of ETH-Bibliothek Map Library

21. Crowdsourcing in the Cultural Heritage Domain: Opportunities and Challenges by Johan Oomen of the Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid Hilversum, The Netherlands and Lora Aroyo of Free University Amsterdam, FEW Amsterdam, The Netherlands

22. Tiles as an approach to on-line publishing of scanned old maps, vedute and other historical documents by Petr Přidal, Petr Žabičkaof Moravian Library Brno, Czeck Republic

23. Visualising urban geographies by Richard Rodger, Christopher Fleet, Stuart Nicol of the University of Edinburgh and National Library of Scotland

24. Old Maps Online: Enabling global access to historical mapping by Humphrey Southall and Petr Přidal, of University of Portsmouth Department of Geography and Klokan Technologies

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