New Staff at the UWM Libraries

photo of Golda Meir Library

The Libraries welcome the following new permanent staff to our three UWM locations.

photo of Lyndsey Agar

Lyndsey Agar is the new library assistant at UWM at Washington County Library, providing a variety of public services to users. She holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has worked previously at the Shawano County Library.

“What excites me most about my new position,” she says, “is the opportunity to work with so many unique and engaging individuals, whether they be students or faculty. Being involved with the UWM Libraries not only allows me to expand my horizons, but helps affirm the philosophy I carry that libraries are for everyone.”

Away from work, Lyndsey is an ardent fan of all things gaming, including tabletop and roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons, as well as videogames. She also loves to work out, and cook and bake. “If you’re ever in a pinch,” she offers, “you won’t have to look far for some good recipe ideas!”

photo Jenna Galske

Jenna Galske joined Media & Reserve as second shift supervisor in August.

“I am thrilled to be supporting the academic success of the diverse student body at UWM,” she says. “One of my favorite parts of working at the Golda Meir Library is witnessing the excitement of new users when they realize that a huge collection is available to them.”

Jenna has a BA in psychology and a minor in art history from UWM, along with experience as a student circulation assistant at the Golda Meir Library and a page clerk at the Appleton Public Library. Prior to her new position at the Libraries, she was a therapist at MKE Behavioral, treating individuals with autism.

Outside of work, Jenna likes to read, cook, hang out with her cat, and spend time outdoors. “I also enjoy travel,” she says, “and have lived, worked, and volunteered abroad in multiple countries including Ireland, Spain, and Germany.” 

photo of Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith joined the staff at the end of the summer as administrative assistant to the Libraries director. Most of Michelle’s prior work experience has been in the field of law, including her most recent position as manager of court reporting services at the Milwaukee County courthouse.

Michelle earned a BS in human resources with a minor in criminology and law studies from Marquette University’s College of Business Administration.

About her new library position, she says, “I am excited to start the next chapter of my career while working with an amazing group of people.”

Michelle enjoys spending time with friends and family, both immediate and extended, and bicycling, which she says “clears my head and gives me a fresh start.”

photo of Collin Schulz

Collin Schulz is the new library assistant in Collection and Resource Management, processing serials and overseeing binding. Having always loved libraries, Collin is excited to be working behind the scenes in a position which he hopes is the first step in a long career.

Collin holds a BA from UWM in linguisitics, with minors in Spanish and Chinese. He was previously employed at CapTel, Inc., captioning phone calls for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

When not working, he enjoys exploring fiber arts. “I am an avid crocheter,” he says, “and I recently started to weave, and when I get into bigger projects, I’ll probably try my hand at sewing.” He likes to read, as well, focusing lately on European folklore and Ursula K. Le Guin novels.