Libraries Extend Open Access Publishing to UWM Faculty

Graphic with text: Association for Computing Machinery

The UWM Libraries and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) have signed a new type of agreement intended to facilitate open access publishing. UWM authors can now publish peer-reviewed scholarly articles in the ACM Digital Library on an open access basis with no fees charged to them and retain copyright in their works.

The Libraries encourage UWM authors to take advantage of this first “read and publish” transformative agreement on campus. Transformative agreements attempt to shift a library’s payment to a publisher toward open access publishing and away from subscriptions.

Among the benefits are immediate access to the UWM scholarly articles worldwide upon publication, copyright retention by authors, unlimited number of publications during the three-year term, no additional financial contributions by authors, and automatic deposition of all affiliated articles into the UWM institutional repository Digital Commons.

“We’re excited and proud to provide this service,” says Chris Doll, associate director of Collections and Resources, “and to begin collecting data to show how this new kind of agreement supports open access principles and benefits UWM faculty.”

The pilot agreement is effective January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2024. The Libraries are working with publishers to transition other subscriptions to transformative agreements.

For more information, please visit ACM OPEN FAQ or contact Svetlana Korolev, UWM science librarian,