New Resources

GeoData WisconsinNew databases available via the UWM Libraries website include Geodata@Wisconsin, Swank Digital Campus, and Wisconsin Digital Archives.

GeoData@Wisconsin provides direct download access to Wisconsin geospatial data collected and archived by the Robinson Map Library at UW-Madison. Datasets from state, county, and local government providers include tax parcels and assessment data, land use, land cover, zoning, municipal boundaries, hydrography, transportation networks, address/e911 points, parks, trails, recreation, and others.

Swank Digital Campus offers 1,000 selected feature films and documentaries produced by major Hollywood and independent studios. Films are licensed for individual student, staff and classroom use but do not include public performance rights.

Wisconsin Digital Archives is a growing collection of documents about the activities, functions, and policies of Wisconsin State Government. The collection contains documents from 2001 to current published by the Executive and Judicial branches of Wisconsin State Government, state government task forces, initiatives, boards, commissions, councils and special study groups.